Voter Contact

We’re not shy about being bold

Science and art unite. Elections are won with targeted messaging, bold creative that influences voters.

Shift The Balance

With today’s immediate access to information and events, you can either take advantage of all available resources or get stomped by the competition, who most certainly is. Axiom Strategies uses the latest technology combined with the best deployment tactics to reach voters. We’ll launch a full-on assault which can include engaging in a ground blitz, literally canvassing the neighborhoods knocking on doors, implementing a GOTV direct mail blitz, making telephone calls, utilizing media opportunities, beefing up your online presence, and even organizing grassroots and grasstops movements — attacking from all fronts to deliver messaging that resonates. Read on to find out more.

Identify Your Allies – Voter ID & Targeting

Our proprietary Voter ID program enables us to identify voters we should be targeting. This offers a distinct edge because your message will be delivered to those constituents who support your position and will get involved because it matters to them.

Nurture A Loyal, Motivated Following – Direct Mail

With our full-service, award-winning direct mail capabilities, we’ll craft and execute a plan to win over voters from their mailbox, and turn your supporters out on Election Day. There’s no competition here — we do it better than anyone else in the country.

We use sophisticated eye-tracking technology to make sure every single image and word is placed where it’ll have the most impact, and make no mistake, it’s a scientific fact that placement matters as much as the messaging. Our in-house team of direct mail experts is comprised of experienced copywriters and graphic designers that know every nuance of what it takes to win the race.

We also know how to appeal to the generosity of donors, so when you start fundraising, call us. We have vast experience in moving a passive audience to action, inspiring volunteers and raising donations for campaigns and causes alike. We’ll even handle the print production and mailing, so you can remain focused on the business at hand.

Inform And Be Informed – Phone Services

Now more than ever before, the telephone is a tool that can help us discover what’s important to people, influence their choices and opinions, and even motivate them to get involved. Axiom Solutions takes advantage of every one, too. We have the capabilities to hold tele-townhall meetings, make live or automated calls, and set up VOIP call centers. All of which are intrinsically valuable to crafting and delivering targeted messaging that will hit its mark.

Take Control Of Your Visibility – Digital Media Solutions

Your online presence is as important as your physical presence. People depend on the Internet to get their information, and absolutely no subject is off limits. You want to make sure they’re getting what they seek directly from you, not your adversaries, so that means you’ve got to be front and center with everything they need or they’ll quickly start looking elsewhere. Axiom Strategies has you covered. We can design and develop landing pages and websites, and even produce artwork and videos to provide that all-important user experience, while our SEO and SEM specialists make sure you’re coming up first with the online search engines.

We use sophisticated targeting methods to hammer home the messages voters see on TV, hear on the radio, and receive in their mailbox. We’ll waste no time in capitalizing on the story of the day, taking every step to make sure voters hear from you first on issues they care about.

We’ve also got incredibly accurate metrics that track our effectiveness throughout the progression of the campaign, so we can adapt messaging and methodology to gain the most influence.