A driven, fearless force for victory

Who We Are

“…on a par with Lee Atwater, James Carville, and David Plouffe” -Al Hunt, MSNBC’s With All Due Respect

If you’re familiar with politics at all, you know our Principal and Founder, Jeff Roe. He’s become a prominent force for political campaigns with a career that spans over three decades. Jeff established Axiom Strategies in 2005 and has since expanded the company’s footprint to propel candidates to victory and win initiatives in every state in the nation — writing history in an unprecedented way. His team’s ability to orchestrate and predict unexpected outcomes has placed him in a league with legends like Karl Rove, David Axelrod and even James Carville and Lee Atwater.

“Ted Cruz’s Howitzer” - Andy Kroll, New Republic

Victory By Design

Jeff’s ability to triumph time after time is no accident. It all takes place by design, and encompasses a number of factors that each contribute to our ability to favorably affect outcomes. First, Axiom Strategies is composed of diverse, highly driven talent, and we all share a resolute focus on winning. And we do know how to win. It takes a model which leverages a combination of proven tactics to reach a desired audience on a level that moves opinions and compels action. This means using every medium at our disposal — employing direct mail campaigns, running television and radio spots, expanding the online presence and even traversing neighborhoods and making telephone calls to reach voters with targeted, strategic messaging.

Experience – Innovation – Expertise – Courage – Determination – Influence – Winning Results

Like Jeff, every single person on our team became involved in politics at a young age, doing everything from placing signs in yards to knocking on doors in the effort to garner support for candidates and causes. We all have an intimate knowledge of the mechanics. We understand first-hand all the blood, sweat and tears required to run a successful political campaign. We remain grounded in our experience, and we’re passionate about standing behind our clients and their issues. We never hesitate to step up and fight on the frontline when that’s what’s required to win the battle.

You’ll also be interested to know we’re a group of great innovators. We avidly seek ways to be better at what we do, and eliminate all doubts about the final outcome for our clients. We leverage the latest in technological advances, and we’re on the cutting edge when it comes to blending science with art to get results. We’re not just talking about apparent results either, but real, tangible, measurable results. In fact, there is no other organization like Axiom Strategies in the U.S. We really are one-of-a-kind, and this too is by intentional design.

We have the experience and the capabilities to find out what your audience is thinking, and we know the best ways and most opportune moments to reach them with messaging that matters. Even more, we have courage. We’re not afraid to tell it like it is, and we’ll stand our ground and defend our position — we know what we’re talking about, and if you want to come out on top, you’re wise to pay attention.