Name: Chris Garofalo

Title: Research Associate

Location: Annapolis, MD

Bio: Born in Maryland and raised in Virginia, I have been passionate about politics since the fourth grade. My dad was an airline pilot and also in the USAF, so his background and knowledge thoroughly shaped who I am. Plus, my mom was a dedicated homemaker and almost always had the (non-fake) news on.

A bit after completing my undergraduate studies at Christopher Newport University, I pursued teaching and was involved with academia for a few years. Teaching history and government was fulfilling, but I decided to make a slight career change and readjusted toward the political arena. This is what led me to Cannon Research Group in September 2019.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: As a research associate who is involved in opposition research, I diligently and meticulously serve our clients via scraping every “corner” of the Internet for, well, politically improper tidbits of information. Whoever our clients are, I attend to their requests and seek out information against their political opponents. In other words, we at Cannon find (not the most pleasant) things on candidates running against our clients. Though unusual at first, I have found a routine that works, as my research methodology has seemingly become innate.

How did you get your start with Axiom: Well, I interviewed with Tom Jones of Cannon while I was in Venice, Italy. And a semi-fun fact is that the hotel’s Wi-Fi kept going in and out before the FaceTime call… so, my last resort entailed enabling international roaming. Let’s just say it was an expensive interview!

Your favorite political figure & why: I am a Jeffersonian through and through, so Thomas Jefferson is my pick. I have always appreciated Jefferson, along with the Anti-Federalists, for demanding a bill of rights, so many thanks should go to Jefferson (and Madison, obviously) for Amendments I-X.