Name: Christian McMullen

Title: Research Associate

Location: Annapolis, MD

Bio: I grew up in Buffalo, NY before departing for Greenville, South Carolina to attend Furman University. Throughout the summers in college, I had a number of political internships with my local congressman spending time in his district office, on his re-election campaign, and lastly in his Washington D.C. office.  I joined Cannon Research Group and Axiom Strategies after the 2016 election cycle following stints with the House Republican Study Committee and a large polling firm in D.C. Since joining Axiom, I’ve been involved with all sorts of races from local races to major statewide campaigns. Most recently, I worked on Senator Cruz’s re-election campaign out of Houston assisting with a number of aspects on the campaign including debate prep and rapid response research efforts.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: As a Research Associate with Cannon Research Group, I aid our clients by providing actionable research that will help further their cause, be it in a political campaign or corporate setting. At Cannon Research Group, our goal is to present the valuable information we find in a way that will benefit the client the most. I always try to apply local insight, knowledge of policy trends, and perspective from the national political landscape to whatever research I am assisting with in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of our research outcomes.

How you got your start in politics: After my freshman year of college, I applied for an internship with the Congressman who represented my district and started as a data entry intern.  My only tasks were logging in new voters to our constituent correspondence program and answering constituent phone calls. As I returned the following summers, I was able to gain more experience and become more involved, giving me valuable insight into what it takes to run a full political and policy operation.

Why Axiom? Axiom provides a unique opportunity for me to work for candidates that share my values, in a setting that allows me to grow and learn from people who are not only the top professionals in our field, but are also focused on building a lasting legacy at every level of the company. The team environment and culture that flows from the top down is something special and I’m truly honored to be a part of it.