Name: Daniel Gribble

Title: Associate

Location: Houston, TX

Bio: I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, graduating from University of Houston with a degree in political science. My senior year at UH, I heard Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign headquarters was just down the street. I showed up one day and that turned into a role with the campaign which put me on my path today. I’ve been with Axiom Strategies for coming up on 3 years now and I work with our General Consultants to implement their visions on campaigns across the country.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: My role at Axiom Strategies is to assist our General Consultants in formulating and implementing a path to victory with our candidates. The end goal is always winning the campaign and I play a part in that by working directly with candidates on messaging, branding, and day to day campaign operations to stay on track with overarching campaign goals. In the fast paced environment of campaigns, it’s easy to lose focus of daily, weekly, and quarterly objectives. It’s my job to help campaigns implement and stay on track with the General Consultant’s vision.

Your favorite political figure (past or present) & why: Ronald Reagan, because he was able to grow the tent of the GOP exponentially without compromising on core conservative principles.

What lessons have you learned from previous campaign cycles? Data is king. Not unlike baseball scouts basing recruiting decisions on gut before Moneyball, many politicians want to use their gut when it comes to electoral politics. We’re in a different time with respect to our ability to collect, manipulate, and utilize data. Jeff Roe broke the mold when he started Axiom Strategies with the idea that campaign decisions and operations should always be data driven.