Name: Duc Vu

Title: National Director of Political Affairs

Location: Lake Charles, LA

Bio: I was born in Kentucky and raised in Louisiana in a gigantic Catholic family of Vietnamese refugees. I spent most of life certain I was going to be a doctor but then Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita happened. After seeing a lot of suffering in my home state, I’ve spent my life since trying to find ways to make the world a better place. Service has always been my calling. I just hope I’m doing right by God.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: I plan field strategy in coordination with the clients and their respective staffs based on their needs and messaging strategy. Then I staff and deploy our field teams to their respective projects. During the campaigns, I track and monitor our field teams in real time and provide voter feedback directly to the client.

Your favorite political figure (past or present) & why: My truly nerdy answer is Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus. While details have been lost in history and myth, he was a farmer who had fallen on tough times. He selflessly answered the call of the city fathers of Rome to serve as the dictator of Rome. He led the army to victory over invading Aequi. He relinquished his power in 15 days and returned to his farm. His devotion to the republic, military success, and willingness to walk away from power when he had it is a great story of public service. George Washington has been long compared to him.

Why Axiom? I believe the way Axiom serves a client exemplifies what our government should be doing for our country. We’re data driven. We’re efficient. We treat our clients, their time, their staff, their family, and supporters with respect. And because we’re a family of companies, we’re not fighting each other to make money. We’re trying to win campaigns by maximizing every hard earned cent entrusted to us. The greater good for Axiom and our clients is winning. We’ve proven we’re experts at that.