Name: Katie Knoche

Title: Associate, Remington Research Group

Location: Kansas City, MO

Bio: I grew up in a small town north of Kansas City and graduated from Park University in 2015. I have always been passionate about helping people and learning what makes them tick. I was born with an extremely competitive spirit – I absolutely abhor losing – so working at Axiom satisfies both my calling to serve people and my obsession with winning.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: As an Associate at Remington Research Group, I craft our surveys, analyze polling data, and handle the logistics of conducting voter interviews nationwide.

How you got your start in politics: I give my mother the credit for my start in politics. When I was younger, she was heavily involved in grassroots efforts for local campaigns, so I naturally tagged along. From phone banking, to putting out yard signs, and door knocking – we did it all. In college, I discovered my passion for research. After working a few years in behavioral health, I made a career change when Titus Bond hired me on at Remington in 2018.

What lessons have you learned from previous campaign cycles? Sleep can wait until the off-year.