Name: Michael Claeys

Title: Senior Graphic Designer

Location: Kansas City, MO

Bio: After some time driving tanks for the Army, in the late 80’s I lost a bet and had to move from Las Vegas to Kansas City. When I’m not designing shiny new websites and award winning direct mail, I can be found working on way too many home remodeling projects and dreaming of my next watch purchase.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: I provide design services creating direct mail and other graphic assets for the voter contact department. Never typical is certainly the mantra I take to heart, constantly pushing boundaries and challenging clients with my designs.

How I got my start at Axiom: A recruiter I was using asked me if I wanted to try something different. Not one to follow the herd, I joined Axiom to re-envision what political mail could be and help create one of the best political mail shops in the country.

What lessons have you learned from previous campaigns? During the election cycle, for me focuses on operational efficiencies. I create libraries of assets from which to build mail pieces extraordinarily fast.