Name: Nicholas Morphew

Title: Research Associate

Location: Annapolis, MD

Bio: I was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan and grew up about half an hour away from Ann Arbor. I followed politics from a young age, and was instilled with conservative values from my dad and grandfather. After engaging in countless political arguments throughout my years in high school, I decided to take my skill of agitating people on political issues to the next level at Grand Valley State University. In college, I made the difficult choice of choosing between two of the most lucrative programs that are taught at most universities: women & gender studies or political science. I chose the marginally more useful degree in political science and graduated in 2017.

After college, I interned with the Michigan Republican Party and worked on several Texas state house races before I was given the opportunity to move to Washington, D.C. and intern at WPA Intelligence. I was hired as a research associate by Cannon Research Group in July of 2019 and have since worked diligently to provide our clients with the research they need to give them an edge in races throughout the country.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: As a Research Associate at Cannon Research Group, I help clients identify vulnerabilities in their own campaigns as well as their opponents. Our job at Cannon is to provide clients with industry-leading research that will help them assess their greatest strengths and weaknesses. The information that we provide our clients helps propel them to victories in political races across the country.

Fun fact about you: In my free time, I enjoy golfing, playing guitar, and listening to music. My favorite genres of music are classic rock and grunge–some of my favorite bands include Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains.

Favorite political figure and why? My favorite political figure is Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge brought a low-profile conservative approach to the presidency that I believe was how the Founders had originally envisioned for the highest office in the land. Under the leadership of Calvin Coolidge, the United States cut taxes, regulations, and decreased the federal budget over the course of his presidency. Coolidge’s limited use of power and his avoidance of the spotlight demonstrated his capacity for restraint, something most Republicans can appreciate in 2020.