Name: Sean Brown

Title: Vice President

Location: Washington, DC

Bio: I grew up in Northern Virginia, where I got my start in politics running local, state, and federal races. I took a brief hiatus from the campaign trail to work on Capitol Hill as the Senior Policy Advisor to Congressman Robert Hurt (VA-05) in 2011, but returned to the road to run a congressional primary race in Iowa, my first race working with Jeff Roe. Before joining the Axiom team full time, I was the Deputy Iowa State Director for Ted Cruz’s presidential race and went on to work in 13 more states in the competitive Republican presidential primary.​ Since then, I launched Axiom’s field company, Vanguard Field Strategies, and have been involved in several successful campaigns with Axiom in over 20 states.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: Today I am one of Axiom’s general consultants, focusing on races in the eastern part of the country. I believe Axiom’s philosophy and quality of service makes us second-to-none compared to other consultants in our field. We believe it’s important not only to provide strategic guidance to our clients, but really be a part of the campaign. As a general consultant, I not only offer clients campaign advice and structure, but am there for the ins and outs of the campaign, every development, every call. We’re in the trenches with our candidates, on the good days and the not so good days.

What trends do you expect to see in the 2020 election? I believe 2020 will be the highest turnout election of our lifetime. Both Republicans and Democrats are going to be energized and motivated to vote. It will be essential for campaigns up and down the ballot to have a team in place that knows how to mobilize a candidate’s base and persuade the small share of undecided voters.

What lessons have you learned from previous campaign cycles? Yard signs don’t vote.