Name: Taylor Fernie

Title: Senior Media Buyer, AxMedia

Location: Dallas, TX

Bio: I am a Texas girl—born and raised in Dallas where I enjoy being close to my immediate family and rooting for my beloved Dallas Cowboys! Before joining AxMedia in 2017, I worked for 12 years in the media buying industry on the retail side. I’ve worked on multi-million dollar accounts such as AutoNation, MetroPCS and Chick-fil-A among others and have been a market expert in markets all over the country. I pride myself of my key relationship building skills and my work ethic which has allowed me to succeed in the fast paced world of political buying. I still reside in the Dallas area with my husband Rhyan, daughter Fiona, son Britton and our 3 dogs all of whom keep us busy and on our toes!!

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: As a Senior Buyer at AxMedia, I am helping to plan, execute and drive results for successful media campaigns. By researching voter data and viewership data, I help to build the most efficient and effective media plans to hit our target and satisfy the needs and goals of each campaign. A fresh outlook is needed for each request that comes down because every single market, plan and campaign are all so diverse. Once the plans are approved, I am responsible for executing and maintaining the media schedules. I stay in constant communication with our media vendors to ensure our goals are being met.

Fun fact: I lived in Friedberg, Germany for two years while my husband was serving in the United States Army as an infantryman. While overseas, we were able to travel to many places. Since I’m an adrenaline junkie, my favorite trip was visiting Interlaken, Switzerland and getting to bungee jump & skydive over the Swiss Alps!

What makes AxMedia stand out in the media buying field? AxMedia stands out by being the most passionate, efficient, responsive and competitive team in the industry. We are constantly learning as trends change and using data to help guide our decisions while also treating each request with a level of urgency needed to complete the requests in a very short turn-around time. Our team is made up of stellar employees and when you are surrounded by the best you are constantly pushed to excel.