Name: Margarita Fuksman

Title: Director

Location: Houston, TX

Bio: During my time in the Journalism school at the University of Kansas, I strongly considered a career in sports broadcasting while working on my own segment for the University’s local sports network. In September of 2009 when I interviewed with Axiom Strategies, I knew very little about the then small company, or politics for that matter. Four days after the interview, the CEO called me on a Saturday morning at 7am asking to meet again, which would then become the interview where I was hired. At the time, I had no idea I’d be working for him 10 years later, still receiving the same Saturday 7am phone calls. I’m sure Erin Andrews is somewhere out there wishing she was running political campaigns.

Growing with the company from an 8-man shop on the day I started, to the empire it has become has been my greatest accomplishment; something my parents and I could of never fathomed for myself when they moved our family from Ukraine when I was just 7 years old. From running all things operations across all Axiom offices and employees, to Houston becoming home in 2015 when I was asked to facilitate in running the Headquarters for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign…there isn’t anything I haven’t dabbled in within the company, yet.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: Working alongside the CEO on a daily basis is both rewarding and an extreme sport. While keeping day to day operations in order, I also manage many of Axiom’s business processes, client communication and employee processes.

Over the years I’ve run point on issue campaigns, and some of Axiom’s top corporate clients where I managed all aspects of organizational logistics, board members and traveled to coordinate conferences and companywide meetings all over the country.

Early in my Axiom career I was tasked with coordinating fundraising events which led to my extensive experience of putting together statewide, federal, presidential events and many personal & office functions. My widespread knowledge in the aspects of event planning has allowed me to undertake anything from a small, intimate roundtable for congressional clients to presidential watch parties for over 600 guests.

As the fastest growing political firm in the nation our employees are our biggest asset. I am currently working on implementing an onboarding process which will promote a company culture we strongly convey as a brand, and inspire the same pride that I have instilled in myself with my time at Axiom.

Fun Fact: In High School I was named most likely to be on a reality show. As a superfan, I consider trying out for Big Brother every season, though my political background would likely work against my chances of winning.

Why Axiom?: Why compete against the best when you can work for the best.