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The Axiom Apprenticeship program was designed to encourage and educate graduates and near-graduates who are interested in conservative politics with real world experience. Each apprentice will participate in crafting political strategy of our client campaigns by supporting various projects. As an Axiom Apprentice, you will get hands on campaign experience and learn from some of the best political minds in the industry. Axiom’s Apprenticeship program ultimately gives students of all backgrounds the unique opportunity and resources to learn from the ground floor what it takes to run a successful campaign in the highly contested world of politics.

Each apprentice will be vetted and assigned a position in a campaign or an Axiom-affiliated company based on their personal strengths and interests. They will be expected to relocate temporarily to a city where they will be partnered with a mentor to guide them through their apprenticeship. Each Axiom Apprentice will be pushed outside of their comfort zone and expected to work outside of the normal 40 hour work week, but will gain invaluable knowledge and experience into the world of politics.

Each Axiom Apprentice will receive a monthly stipend and are able to apply for class credit so long as their universities allow it. It is up to the student to request and obtain the necessary paperwork required to receive class credit.


Axiom Strategies and its affiliated companies have a global footprint and offer services in every facet of campaigns, including…


Axiom Strategies and its affiliated companies have a global footprint and offer services in every facet of campaigns, including…


  • Quality-driven general consulting services for campaigns of any size through conference calls, consultations, and prompt strategic guidance.
  • Assembly of the campaign team – subject to the candidate’s final approval – of all vendors, new employees, reassignments, terminations, and pay schedules.
  • Complete narrative development and formation of an integrated messaging matrix.
  • Creation and oversight of a voter contact strategy for all outreach services.
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  • Strategic direction, tactical guidance, and accountability for execution.


  • All mail services required for a victorious campaign, including award-winning voter contact mail and direct mail fundraising.
  • Preparation of a targeted mail plan, in-house content development and design for each mail piece, and execution of a strategic delivery sequence.


  • Development and execution of a buying plan that includes a custom-tailored mix of cable, broadcast, radio, and CTV/OTT channels. Real-time competitive intelligence on your opponents’ advertising spend.
  • Efficient buying methods – our buyers have negotiated better issue rates than campaigns received for the same time in the same market.
  • Strategic optimization, transparency, and real-time reporting for effective collaboration between consultants, on-the-ground managers, media teams, etc.


  • In-depth investigations and information gathering.
  • Uncovering of vulnerabilities and opposition strategies.
  • Quick-response, actionable intel for a rapidly changing competitive landscape.


  • IVR and live call polling to keep campaigns informed with reliable, up-to-date data.
  • Strategic ID, persuasion, and GOTV phone programs integrated across campaigns.


  • Quickly assembled and effectively implemented ground games that cut through the clutter of political noise to deliver your message to voters face-to-face.
  • Access to an extensive, national network of highly professional and enthusiastic grassroots talent, who can be trusted to represent you enthusiastically.


  • An all-encompassing, data-driven approach to raising money: From direct mail and field fundraising operations to call applications and texting outreach, Fundraising Inc. syncs up all your fundraising channels into one power source for your campaign.
  • Services to assist with national and PAC fundraising, such as visits to Washington, DC., as well as online fundraising, such as email, social, and web.


  • Federal and state registration and reporting for compliance with government agencies.
  • Trusted accounting and cash management to ensure proper committee operation.
  • Donor management and compliance tracking.


  • The go-to solution when it comes to helping companies and organizations deal with their neighbors, customers, and competitors.
  • Lobbying, crisis management, communications, grass tops outreach, association management, and media relations.


  • Our digital firms have you covered, from online media to fundraising strategies.
  • With in-house design and content development, we can take a hands-on approach to executing your campaign-winning digital plan.