Public Affairs

Perception Is Reality

Axiom Strategies has the tools and ability to influence the perceptions that make or break reputations.

Know What To Say, And How, When And Where To Say It

Readily managing public perception and protecting our clients’ reputations is a natural part of every campaign strategy. Knowing the right thing to say, using the best tone, perfect timing and proper delivery venues can make a huge impact — for better or worse.

Effectively managing public affairs is critical to every campaign and it’s equally important to businesses operating under the critical scrutiny of both the public and private sectors.

Thanks to our willingness to get into the ring and the fact we never back away from the chance to win the good fight, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Not only do we know what to say and how to best deliver the message, but we can predict virtually any eventuality, so we’ll be prepared when the time comes to take on the unthinkable and the unexpected.

Be Fast On Your Feet – Media Relations & Crisis Management

We have strong relationships with media resources all across the U.S.A., so we’re quite effective when it comes to utilizing earned media potential. We also have the experience to deftly handle media relations in any firestorm. Crisis management is our domain, and we’re always available to help our clients take the right approach to nip bad press in the bud and prevent things from getting out of hand. And when a story does manage to gain momentum, we’ll waste no time doing what it takes to put a halt to it fast.

Don’t Let Them Catch You Off Guard – Policy & Issues

Another important way we’re helping clients manage public affairs is by keeping them current with policies and issues they’re certain to receive inquiries on. The media is famous for tripping up candidates by putting them on the spot — asking about a policy they may not be informed of. We work hard to prepare our clients. We’ll arm you with everything you need to know about important issues that may come up, so you can hold press conferences and participate in debates with confidence.

Apply More Pressure – Grassroots & Grasstops Advocacy

When it’s time to pull out all the stops, it’s time to apply social pressure well beyond the norm. We’ll come at it from all angles, building targeted grassroots coalitions and organizing grasstops advocacy efforts with the undeniable power to sway opinions and get the votes.