Name: Amy Rosenthal

Title: Fundraising Associate

Location: Washington, DC

Bio: I was born in Houston, Texas and went to college to study editorial journalism at the University of Mississippi. While at Ole Miss, I stayed involved in politics back at home in Texas, in Mississippi, and even volunteered on the ground in Iowa during the 2016 Presidential. My first job out of school was in Austin, Texas working for Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s reelection campaign as his Digital Director. After seeing the Lt. Governor through to victory in his competitive primary election, I followed my passion for politics to Washington, D.C where I continued to work with several republican statewide and federal campaigns on the digital strategy side of things before joining the High Cotton fundraising team last year.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: The majority of my time is spent working with candidates who are running for Congress to introduce them to the Washington, D.C community, raising money for their campaign from political action committees, trade associations, and unions. By prospecting based on the candidate’s background, their district, and committee aspirations, I use our team’s extensive donor network to act as their guide when they fly up to Washington during their campaign.

How you got your start in politics: With a dad in local politics and a mom who worked for the federal government, our dinner table discussions often centered on things like constitutional textualism and ballot propositions. Totally normal, right? From a young age I knew I was supposed to care about who was on the ballot and what they stood for, and, after spending some investing in races myself, I realized I cared about how they won, too.

Your favorite political figure (past or present) & why: Rep. Mike Johnson. He’s a client of ours and I am continually impressed by how he unashamedly pursues his faith and fights for what he believes in Congress.