Name: Jordan Dennison

Title: Account Manager

Location: Kansas City, MO

Bio: I’ve spent the majority of my life in Southern California and graduated from San Diego State in 2018, where I promptly moved to Kansas City to work for Axiom. Previously, I specialized in San Diego and California politics, learning the ins-and-outs of a state that has the potential to be a “Western Frontier” of sorts for the GOP. Every day I go to work with friends and colleagues that make the work I do feel meaningful and enjoyable, so when people ask “Why on earth would you move from San Diego, CA to the Midwest?” Axiom is the answer.

What you do at Axiom/how you serve our clients: I worked for Axiom’s Direct Voter Contact division as an Account Manager, helping our clients communicate their message and brand to voters. We work with campaigns to interpret the characteristics and issues of the electorate, then we partner with our award-winning design team to communicate our clients’ stories, messaging, and branding in a creative and unique fashion.

How you got your start in politics: I walked into my Poli Sci 103 class in the Fall of 2014 and there was a flyer from the Carl DeMaio for Congress campaign on every desk; the campaign was looking for interns. That Fall, I spent more time calling voters and walking doors than I did studying for midterms. Unfortunately, we lost that race (and I barely passed that class) but 6 years later and thousands of calls made, doors knocked and mailers sent, one thing led to another and I found a home at Axiom Strategies where I have continued working with many of the same folks I got my start in politics with.

What lessons have you learned from previous campaign cycles? Yard signs don’t vote. Never have, never will. Also, Murphy’s Law is a real thing.